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When you are in need of glazed office partitions or glass partitions make Invotek Ltd your number one choice for superb services and excellent products today. We are based in Poole and are more than willing to cater for customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our innovative Glasswall Mood Glazed Office Partitions with built in coloured led lighting and fire rated Invotek75 double glazed office partitions with integral blinds are ideal for modern go-ahead companies while our eco strawboard Office Room Dividers can be up to half an hour fire resistant.. Whether you want to enlist our services today or you just want to speak to a friendly member of staff to find out more about what we have on offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Invotek provide stylish, high quality office environmments.

Invotek Glasswall is the glazed partitioning system for the future. It provides the solution for those wanting a minimalist office environment; with discreet glazed divisions of office space, suffused with light. Invotek Glasswall is a sophisticated glazed office partitioning system. It fulfils the need for privacy yet complements a feeling of space with visual continuity.

The glazed partition modules are held together by a clear dry petg joint, creating seamless contours. Lighting and creative manifestations, company logos and corporate colours can all add style and panache to the final design. Any combination of structural components can be incorporated to produce a unique, flexible and technologically advanced environment.

Invotek are currently working on a series of projects that will lead to the installation of a hybrid Glasswall system.

Glasswall partitioning already has one of the least obtrusive track dimensions, starting at 25mm in profile, but these particular versions will leave the scrutineers in awe, as this contemporary minimalist approach really does mean minimal!

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